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Enterprise Systems Curriculum

INLT 292 - INTRODUCTION TO  ERP (3 Credits) Online

ERP approaches to design, plan, and control of  logistics management. Core aspects of enterpriser resources planning (ERP) infrastructure and application with extensive  hands on practice example s applica­tions will be covered.

Text: Business Process Integration with SAP ERP, Simha R. Magal and Jeffery Word, Epistemy Press, books/business-process-integration-with-sap-erp.html, (order through this website – eBook), 2013, ISBN: 978-0-9856008-2-2. 

INLT 320  - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and ERP (3 Credits) Online

Studies the need for integration and the challenges of managing com­plex interfaces of functional areas of business within financial account­ing. Activities that lead to integration of information, funds and mate­rial flows across multiple processes are discussed. Hands on exercise in a live ERP system provided.

Text: . V. Narayanan, (2013) SAP® FI, Financial Accounting ERP EC­C6, R/3 4.70, ISBN 978-1937585648. Textbook/sap-fi-financial-accounting-erp-ecc6-r3-470b9781937585648/ISBN-9781937585648 (order online from the bookstore—rent or buy).

Darrell Mullis & Judith Orloff Joseph Phillips, (2008) The Account­ing Game, ISBN 978-1-4022-1186-7 Textbook/accounting-gameb9781402211867/ISBN-9781402211867 (order online from the bookstore—rent or buy).

INLT 444 - ERP CONFIGURATION  (3 Credits) Online

Configuring  an ERP systems bottom up based on business rules and best practices and testing with realistic transactions will be covered.  Specific topics covered include: Business Process Modeling, ERP solu­tions for industry,  creating a organizational structure,  creating master data and transactional data.

Text: Students are provided a .PDF copy of the course text.


(SAP TERP10) (3 Credits) Online or In Class

Topics of this course include the organizational structures used in each business process, key master data which must be maintained to execute each business process, the ERP transactions required to complete each business process cycle, and the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle. This course helps prepare students to take the SAP TERP10 Certification Exam.

Text: Students are provided a .PDF copy of the course workbook.
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